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Take a look into how we got started.

T’s Brain is an emerging company in software industry not only focusing on outsourcing activities but also promoting new ventures & product problem solvers for mission-critical situations.

• Our company connect latest technologies and innovative ideas. We have gathered a team that is ambitious, fanatical and motivated. • We strive to service our clients in the best possible way and maintain long-term relationship with them. We see ourselves growing and expanding our horizon to become one of the leading IT firms in the market

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Covering Asia, Europe & USA.

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Our headquarter is in Pakistan where we brain storm, design & develop solutions for your requirements


We’ve entrepreneur and trust worthy business managers in USA to identify your problem and valuable suggestions.


We have technical and business advisors in Germany to meet & discuss the best possible strategy for your business.

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To establish an IT company has always been my dream since my Master’s degree from Germany. A company where passion, desire, hunger, motivation and quality should be at its peak. These are the parameters which are of utmost importance. First Step is always the hardest step with limited resources and skills but once you jump, then there should be no looking back. That’s exactly what I’ve done when IT’s Brain was live for the first time back in September 2018.

To get the loyal and trust-worthy people on board from Germany & USA is the solid foundation of IT’s Brain. Since then, We aim and strive to provide our clients with best of the best. We focus on continuous learning to the quality work and to excel in market by providing the unrivalled quality standards. With us as your power planners, you can sit back and relax safe in the knowledge that your work is going to be done at its best. We Believe in Quality Work. At IT’s Brain, service is not merely an idea. It’s the key to how we make our way to customer’s loyalty and this never stops here. We believe in making a continuous effort to maintain what’s being already achieved and to toil for what’s not yet achieved. We commit to provide our clients with the best options and the most efficient solutions to their power problems.

We try to provide our employees with the environment so comfortable that they can work at their best to give maximum output. Our commitment is to prepare as individual and as a corporation to work at our peak performances. By focusing on all the important success parameters, we want to achieve an ultimate goal that is CLIENT’S SATISFACTION. This helps strengthen our relationship with our clients which for us is one great accomplishment. This gives one an immense pleasure to have a kind of a bond with clients where they can trust company with their projects and consider it for future goals as well. Our people have always been hardworking and we continue to believe that our services and the value we add to the customers’ business will always remain the fundamental elements of our success.

Why Us ?

Our Approach


We are technical , product and UX experts. We know the right way to build, scale & continuously improve digital products and services. We’ve a solid practical proof to show you.


Even the most advanced technology must bear up against business realities. We assess and understand both sides, technological excellence vs. pragmatic and scalable business rationale


We value efficiency, productivity & speed. We believe in our proven practices in product development to help you understand & solve the right user problem


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What's special about your company ?

The thing that is really exciting for us is our Team. We do feel proud that we are covering USA, Germany & Pakistan.

How much do you charge ?

We’ve different plans for each service. Please inbox us your requirements.

Do you offer support ?

Of course, our support is there for you anytime you want.

Can I get a free consultation ?

Certainly, Wherever you are: just ping us & get free consultation in person.

Do you offer refunds ?

Unfortunately not, we don’t offer refunds.

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